Pregnancy is one of the best things in life. It is a process that culminates in the birth of a baby, a fresh beginning for a brand new person, multiplication in a family, and increase for the world. But do you know that, unlike the thinking of many, it is not only women that get pregnant? Men also get pregnant. And when men take in, I don’t mean their sharing in the burden of the pregnancy of their wives, awesome things really happen.

The pregnancy that is generally known is the one a woman carries an unborn offspring inside the womb for nine months. But there is another very important pregnancy for especially men, though women can also carry it.

Let me summarize this real-life, interesting story that will enable us fully understand this type of pregnancy and the great gains it offers to us and the world. I know a man, a Nigerian, let’s call him Mr. Favour, who got pregnant and what has really happened from that pregnancy. He has a very humble beginning. His education at the primary, secondary, and university levels were very challenging financially, particularly in the university. Despite all that, he graduated with a Second Class Upper from the university. After completing the one-year national service, National Youth Service Corp, NYSC, he got appointment to teach in a higher institution of learning.

Interestingly, the young man had been an avid reader all the while. He constantly drew inspiration from the Bible, from inspirational books, and from mentors. He discovered that success in life had principles that were as absolute, predictable and precise as mathematical formulas. So he thought, if one could understand the success principles and consistently applied them, he was very sure that the expected results would come. It was a great discovery to him.

This discovery led to his pregnancy. Mr. Favour became pregnant with a dream, with a future that was desirable. He asked God for and discovered his life vision, set his goals, and had a plan of action how he would add value to lives of many and be a blessing to the world.

A Turning Point In A Man’s Pregnancy

As the young man started out in life and was busy writing articles in newspapers, speaking on radio, and publishing digests to encourage and inspire people that they could become whatever they wanted in life, irrespective of their background, he encountered a challenge. Then Mr. Favour had no car, no house, no land, in fact, nothing to show as physical evidence of what most people see as success.

One day, while discussing with people, he met another young man, let’s call him Mr. Thomas, who challenged Mr. Favour to keep shut. That he was not qualified to talk about success because he had no physical proof of success around him. He further told Mr. Favour, look at your shoes, clothes, and your handbag, they are inexpensive, and you’re trekking like every other person. Why should you talk about success? Everybody that was present at the scene, and they were many, laughed Mr. Favour to scorn. Interestingly, Mr. Favour had known Mr. Thomas for some years. The latter (Mr. Thomas) also hadn’t any of the things he was mocking the former that he didn’t have.

Rather than get embarrassed or ashamed, Mr. Favour requested all the people who were laughing, screaming, and jesting to wait for a minute. He asked them, “When a woman is pregnant, how long does it take before she puts to birth?” They answered, nine months. He asked them another question, “When an elephant is pregnant, how long does it take before she puts to birth?” None there knew the answer, and Mr. Favour told them that it would take an elephant 22 months to deliver. Mr. Favour then came with a bang. “I am pregnant with a dream, give me time and I will deliver it.” There was dead silence, nobody could laugh again, nobody could mock again. Mr. Favour had dropped a bombshell that got everybody thinking.

Today, Mr. Favour is happily married with a beautiful wife and they have wonderful children. Some have graduated from the university. Some are still in the university. He has friends and goodwill everywhere. Today, he has lands, cars, and houses, the evidences Mr. Thomas was looking for. Above all, he is still pursuing his vision of inspiring, empowering, and enriching people. He’s using his blog to share information and knowledge that gets people thinking in a new way, developing themselves, applying success principles and changing their stories.

So, when men are pregnant, a colourful future is born. When men are pregnant, there is hope for the world. When men are pregnant, they’ll arise as saviours (pace setters in their professions, careers, business, etc) tomorrow. Indeed when men are pregnant, they give answers to the questions the masses ask, and give birth to the solutions that make their lives better.

Therefore, don’t look down on yourself because you are a tenant, or because you’re trekking, or even because you have a difficult time going through school. If only you can be pregnant with a dream, then know that cars, houses, lands, success, money, health, long life, spouse, children, fulfillment, etc, are all embedded in that dream pregnancy. Women don’t deliver after one week but after nine months. Give yourself time, and also ask others who may want to laugh at you to also give you time, if they care to listen, that you’ll certainly deliver the dream.