Do you know that you are the most important person alive in the world today? This is not an overstatement at all. Let’s see why.

First, you have a thumbprint no other person, not even your own children, on the surface of the earth, has. This means that you are very special and very different from any other person, no matter how highly or lowly placed they may be. You don’t have a true duplicate or photocopy of yourself.

The Encarta Dictionary defines the word importance as “having value or significance”, “worthy of note, especially for its interest, value, or relevance.” So being important means that you have relevant, noteworthy and crucial value.

Second, you are created in the selfsame image of God, the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, most unique, most important, non-created Being. The Psalmist said, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” God, according to Isaiah 43:7, created you for his glory, and formed you to manifest his awesomeness. What could make somebody more important than that? So, the discovery of your true, individual, identity will forever empower you to take your important place in the world.

Third, your PURPOSE, that is, what you were created to fulfil, makes you the most important person alive. The way you were differently designed, specially packaged, and most intricately wired, makes you most unique, most relevant, and most valuable person around. Your different, uncommon, exceptional features and values, including your talents and endowments, means that you are the only person in the world that can most uniquely deliver the solutions you were created to offer.

No created person, no matter what position he occupies in life, has all the answers all human beings desperately need. Even presidents of nations are packaged for some essential solutions. You are also packaged for some important solutions. That makes you most relevant, most crucial, invaluable person existing.

So, discover the need or needs you were created to meet and stay in your place of relevance and importance by consistently and excitedly meeting those needs. Don’t feel you were another person, don’t desire you were born in another country. You are you; none can be more unique than you are. Look yourself in the mirror and cheer up that special and important you standing right in front of you. Kudos.

NOTICE: Every Monday morning, I shall post WIN TO LAST Ideas. The piece you’ve just read is its debut. The aim is to make you feel great and good to go into the week, to draw inspiration to put the right step forward. Then on Thursday mornings, we’ll be discussing business and money related matters, success, and leadership. This combination will really make every week count for you. See you on Thursday morning.