Let me start today’s discussion with an interesting, true-life story that has a great moral. There is this Nigerian, a banker, who has just turned 40. He combined that birthday celebration with his 10th marriage anniversary. My wife and I attended the ceremony.

His wife told the gathering a very heart-touching account of their journey so far. She was in the same secondary school with the young man, who later became her husband. He was the head boy in the school; he was not only the best student in Mathematics but also the best overall student.
After the secondary school education, he gained admission into the university but needed just N1,000 naira to do his clearance. He combed everywhere but couldn’t have the money. That was how he lost that admission that year, just because of N1,000 (equivalent of $2 to $3). Thank God two years later, he got another admission into the university. It was financially rough all through; sometimes he had to do bus conducting, and even had to be transporting his fellow students with motor-cycle for a fare, while in the university, to be able to make both ends meet.
His hard work paid off. He eventually graduated, started work, and is today happily married with children. He has also been having breakthroughs.
The moral is this. This young banker has been assisting in paying school fees of some children, and has even instituted a foundation to help students and children who could be facing the same challenge he faced when he got the first university admission. The agony of his deep emotions and the anguish of his soul made him to resolve to be successful in life, and to have money so that he could assist others. However you look at it, emotional pain and suffering have a way of inspiring us to make a significant contribution to humanity.
Our emotions play a great role in the acquisition of wealth. Emotions are very powerful things; they are unconscious feelings that result mostly from unconscious thoughts. As a matter of fact, emotions are different from ordinary feelings in the sense that they are deeper, more unconscious experience that are similar to deep, unconscious thought. Experts even say that our emotions are stronger than our thoughts. God couldn’t have equipped us with emotions – deep intense power - for fun.
And we can turn these strong feelings, many and varied as they are, into the energy or power to get wealth. This is how to do it.
Harnessing Emotions Into Energy to Build Wealth
(i) Locate the problem you were created to solve for mankind. This is because you always have an emotional attachment or emotional bonding with the problem you were created to solve. You can’t locate the problem you were sent to the world to solve and look the other way because there is always an emotional component in it. There is always a gut feeling deep inside of you, a holy anger in your breast, to do all you can to provide succor in that direction of need.
Emotions are a great motivational force that will always move you to accomplish vast purposes. For instance, Jesus was moved with compassion to heal the sick (Mathew 14:13). Compassion is the sympathy and concern one has for the suffering and misfortunes of other people. The patriarchs were moved with envy to sell Joseph into Egypt (Acts 7:9). Noah was moved with fear to prepare the Ark (Hebrews 11:7). Compassion, envy, and fear are emotions.
(ii) Always attach emotional value to your business or career. In marketing sense, emotional value is the value gain from customers’ deep feelings or emotional states when they use a product or service. In determining your emotional value, the worth of the human need you want to meet is measured in the amount of emotions you derive rather than just say its monetary value. In short, it is the deep and strong emotional satisfaction you get from something.

When you have an emotional value in something, you’ll definitely find a creative way to succeed in doing it. For instance, if you run your business or enterprise with the sense of emotional value, not just financial (profit) motive, you’ll get amazing results, both in terms of service or product quality, customer satisfaction, and so on. Emotional gain drives a person far more powerfully than financial gain.

(iii) Don’t waste your emotions: All of us are very rich in emotions, but many people waste theirs instead of exploiting their exponential power. Negative emotions affect your mental state and can lead to bad investment option, for instance. As noted by bnb “Research has found that fear and sadness are experienced at a more intense level than positive emotions. In fact, both feelings can be felt 2.5 times stronger.” That seriously taxes the heart, the seat of our emotions, and wastes enormous energies. M. E. P. Seligman also observes that, “For most of us anger is a very disorganizing emotion. We fume and we sputter. We forget our most important points.”

On the other hand, there is also enough research evidence that positive emotions (joy, enthusiasm, love, compassion, etc) enhance not only our personal energy but also our creativity, opportunity identification, entrepreneurial success and wealth creation.

Your emotions are not meant to be channeled negatively to serve undesirable ends, but you must funnel them into a force that drives your money making machinery. The choice is yours.