Self-confidence is a great force for personal progress, career advancement, and entrepreneurial success. It can work wonders where other things are in short supply. There is hardly anybody who has self-doubt and records significant accomplishments in life.

One of the very admirable and attractive attitudes of highly successful people is that they are very self-confident. They believe in themselves, their talents, their skills, and their decisions. They are mentally and emotionally organized. Self-confidence is a serious dimension of internal organization.

Charles-Albert Poissant, author of How to Think Like a Millionaire, says “Success depends less on outside circumstances than on mental attitude and strength of character.”

Self-confidence is really the complete acceptance of yourself, including your faults and all. It is a feeling of trust in your abilities, your qualities and your choices. You know what? There are many gains of being self-confident. Here are a few of them.

What You Gain In Being Self-Confident

§  People will admire you and be drawn to you. Everywhere, self-confidence is seen as a success trait, and people naturally gravitate to the person they see as being sure of himself or herself. They run away from the self-doubting person. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, for instance, are very self-confident and admirable footballers.

Self-confident people are also the preferred leaders everywhere. People follow those who can inspire them, and provide answers to their questions.

§  Self-confidence improves your performance and results. Your self-confidence is a reflection of your self-image. Our performance is always consistent with our self-picture. You will always do your work according to the level of your self-confidence.

§  Self-confidence empowers you to overcome obstacles: One strong factor that separates the rich from the poor is the courage to face and win over setbacks. Self-confident people are bold and undaunted. They refuse to be brow-beaten by the forces of difficulties and hurdles.

4 Tips of Increasing Your Self-Confidence:

(1) Don’t dwell on your ugly past: Low or no self-confidence is rooted in negative thought habits of past failures, disappointments, mistakes, painful memories, and other unhealthy experiences. When we dwell on these ugly pasts, they have a way of deflating our self-confidence.

In the words of Stephen Covey, “Our response to any mistake affects the quality of the next moment. It is important to immediately admit and correct our mistakes so that they have no power over that next moment.” So forget about the past and move on.

(2) Use imagination to build the picture of a self-confident you: Our subconscious mind doesn’t distinguish between reality and what is imagined. That way, it always interprets what you imagine as real. Indeed, our imagination is more important than the facts of the situation.

When you consistently hold in your mind, the picture of what you want to be, you’ll build a fantastic version of yourself.

(3) Develop your skills and always get prepared: Update your skills in the areas of work, communication, relationships, etc. In addition, always prepare in advance for the upcoming events you have a role to play, whether it has to do with business negotiation, giving a public address, marketing a product, and so on. All success, including wealth, starts in the
mind. So, mental preparation is a must.

(4) Don’t wish you were another person: Marilyn Monroe says “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.” You are you, and the way God made you is the best. Don’t waste your person, only keep improving yourself.

The way this world runs is that if you don’t first believe in yourself, nobody will. There is a proverb that says that if the owner of the house calls it decayed or dilapidated, then the public will help set fire on it. Therefore, call yourself somebody. See yourself going somewhere in life. Be confident that the future will keep getting better.

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