The human brain is perhaps the most sophisticated machine in the world. It represents God’s master design. It is a small organ that weighs just three pounds, but is connected to every part of the body through its network of nerves linked by the spinal chord. You can use much more of your brain’s power for astonishing success.

Composed of about 100 billion cells that carry information, no computer comes close to its complexity in terms of structure and functions. Bobynne Boyd quotes neurologist Barry Gordon that “the brain represents three percent of the body's weight and uses 20 percent of the body's energy." This makes the brain the user of more energy than any other human organ. It’s also the control centre of the entire body.

Our interest here is not the argument of whether man uses only 10 percent of his brain or not. At least brain researchers say there is no scientific evidence to support the 10 percent usage theory, but that there is research evidence to prove that virtually every part of the brain is continually active most of the time every day. Daniel Murrell so submits. However, what we can safely say is that all is not yet known about the brain. More discoveries will still be made about this most complex living structure on earth.

Our major concern is how we can maximize the potential or unused power of our brain. The The Telegraph reported that the human brain can store up to 4.7 billion books. What a marvel!

Do you know that we can use our brain to think better, relate better with people, improve our work and business, make more opportunities, and create better results in our health and finances because of many capacities of the brain including neuroplasticity? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to constantly change in response to what we do, think and feel.  Let’s see how we can use our brain to produce compelling results.

Activating the Brain for Amazing Results

(1) Change the belief of the 10 percent brain usage: The belief that man, despite all the inventions and developments in science, information technology (Internet), engineering, entrepreneurship, education, healthcare and other fields in the world, used only 10 percent of his brain power had lingered on for several decades. It was a conception that kept the average person constantly limited. The gap between 10 and 100 percent was too wide for man to ever think it was possible to use even 50. Therefore, you need to believe that you can use 100 percent of your brain power. Franklin D. Roosevelt, American president, said “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today…”

(2) Daily engage your brain in productive activities: Engaging your brain in productive work such as the mental exercise of meditation reduces your heart rate while dramatically increasing blood flow to the brain. Do you know some relevant Bible verses, your phone numbers, car plate numbers, and even bank accounts off hand? Your brain has big enough capacity to memorize, or hold such information. So use it.

As your brain activity increases, the flow of blood to and fro the area of activity also increases. The more we engage our brain and activate the cells, the more blood supply they receive. This way the neurons live longer and better. On the other hand, inactive brain cells receive lesser amount of blood continuously and this can lead to their death.

(3) Give your brain a challenge: The human brain is a goal-striving mechanism. If you give it a task, it will make sure it delivers it. So, one of the best ways to activate your brain into marvels is to try the untried, adventure into the unfamiliar work terrain, attempt the “impossible”. The most successful and the wealthiest people in various fields challenged their brain to think outside the box.

(4) Be curious and ask questions: One thing that helps children to learn so fast and so much is that they ask many questions. You take your three-year old to a supermarket, he or she will ask you many things, what is this thing called, what is it used for, will you buy it for me? and so on. This helps a lot in the development of their brain.

If things had always been done in a particular way, it doesn’t mean that there are no better ways of doing them. There are always many improved and upgraded ways of doing things and providing answers, if the proper questions are asked. So find out new ways and strategies and utilize them.

(5) Have enough sleep every night: Wingman describes sleep as the reset button for the brain and asserts that 4 to 6 hours of sleep every night is one of the best ways to improve thinking, create new ideas, and innovate. During sleep the brain cells are serviced, refreshed and energized.

(6) Be habitual reader: What physical exercise does to your muscles, reading does to your brain cells. Reading trains your brain, expands your thinking and attention span, and increases the capacity of your memory. That’s why readers emerge leaders in various fields of human endeavour.

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