Are you really satisfied with your present level of income? Or if it were possible, would you want to increase or even multiply it? Whatever is the level of your income now, know that you can double or triple it in the next three years or less.

Interestingly, this can happen while you still work the same amount of hours. The secret I’m about to reveal works whether it is in your office, company, or private business.

The truth we can’t run away from is that nobody loves poverty; everybody wants more and more money. Dennis Kimbro writes that nothing man has ever invented has received so much attention, is so widely sought, and generates so much controversy, as money. Though everyone wants more money, yet most people look for it in the wrong places.

It is important to hear this, our individual levels of income at present is proportional to our individual degree of contribution to life. True wealth is a response to a person’s impact on humanity. So the income we earn now is what we determined consciously or unconsciously for ourselves over the years. We’ll soon see how we can make more and more income, far beyond what we’re making now.

Income can be earned such as salaries, wages, commissions, bonuses, tips, etc. Even profits from operating your business or farm are also earned income.

Income, strictly speaking, shouldn’t be determined by how many hours you put in every day. For instance, even though some people spend eight hours in the office, it may be only three that are really productive. The other five may be spent on moving from office to office, visiting and chatting with friends, and so on. That way, they daily waste five hours of adding value.

Let’s assume that you’re a staff and that you even use eight hours at work without wasting it any day. If you invest this amount of time each day, say for seven years, without increasing your value and hence the value you add in the workplace, you’ve only invested one year’s experience, repeated seven times.

How then can you increase the value you deliver within these eight hours of work over the seven years? In other words, how can you become two or three times, or even four times more valuable within the same eight hours of work each day and for the seven years? The answer is self-development.

What you become greatly affects what you get. Jim Rohn says “To have more than you’ve got, become more than you are.” To earn more income than you earn now, become a far more developed person than you are now. That means more in ideas, more in knowledge, and more in habits of productivity. In fact, more in creativity, innovation, skills, and in adding value.

3 Tips on Increasing Your Income Many Times In A Short Period

(1) Know that there is an active law of earning more income: The law of earning more income, or in short, the law of income, has been there for centuries. It has not changed. It has stood the test of time. This law states that, “You’ll be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace.”

(2) You must decide to increase your value several times:  It is important to know that trading time for money ever limits the amount or income you receive. Time is fixed, you can’t increase it from 24 hours a day, out of which an average of eight is used in money-producing work. The key then to continually increasing your income is increasing your value.

Taking the decision to do so is imperative. It requires scheduling days and time you must read, listen to CDs, or watch VCDs, or videos on YouTube, that are relevant to increasing your value. This is certainly the path to lifting the limit on your income.

(3) You must actually embark on self-development: Rohn says that “income rarely exceeds personal development.” Self-development implies going to work on yourself: your mind (thoughts), emotions, attitude, mentality, habits, and so on. It means there is something new you must constantly know through study, learning, reading, and so on. Otherwise, you’re like the Dead Sea, stagnant water that neither takes in nor gives out.

Fortunately for all of us, the Internet and the Digital Age has made study and learning so easy. You don’t necessarily need to keep going to the university to acquire strings of degrees to get double, triple or quadruple your income. Rather, you can keep getting information and knowledge from the Internet on any area you want to increase your worth in terms of what value to increasingly add. There’re also many books written on virtually every aspect of life. You must go for relevant information.

The way this life works is that when you’ve developed yourself far beyond your present level on your inside, somehow, opportunities will present themselves that will move you to the next level of new, commensurate income. That’s why you see some people changing jobs, getting accelerated promotions, sometimes up to two or three within one year, being transferred to better places, beginning their own businesses, and so on.

This law of doubling or tripling your income is no respecter of persons. Make good use of it.

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