In every sense of it, you’re just unique. Even if you think that you have some shortcomings, God created you with no human duplicate. Even your children are not your exact carbon copy in terms of your character, thought habits, emotional disposition, and so on. If they were, they would have same thumbprint as yours.

How come that in the whole wide world, no two persons have the same thumbprint?  World population today is estimated at about 7.6 billon people. That each of this number has a thumbprint different from all others is a great message that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” or “strangely and delicately formed” (Psalm 139:14).

If you’re different from every other person, then you’re not a commoner. According to Microsoft Encarta dictionary, “common” means “belonging to or shared by two or more people or groups,” “often occurring or frequently seen,” “describes a widely found species of plant and animal.”

With a thumbprint totally distinct from the rest of the global population, are you frequently seen or widely found? Never! That’s why you don’t have to sell yourself short. That means that you shouldn’t underestimate your value or think that the answer you can give to the world in a particular area of life will be unwanted or unwelcome.

Experts say that even in identical twins that have the same DNA, their thumbprints cannot be the same. Thumbprints are very useful in authentication in voting at elections, bank documentations and transactions, and criminal investigations.

The world will always take you on the valuation of yourself. People will always take you for the worth you place on yourself. Do you know that on paper, no thumbprint is superior to the other? Just as there is no inferior thumbprint, there is no inferior person.
People only make themselves inferior by their thoughts.

Thumbprint simply means “an impression of thumb.” That is, a print of pattern, design, or mark you can produce by pressing your thumb against a surface. If you can produce such a distinctive, uncommon, unduplicatable impression or print with your finger, you can also produce such uncommon pattern in your thoughts and actions. This is where self-definition, or self-esteem powerfully comes in. This is the mental-emotional picture you habitually have of yourself.

 3 Reasons God Created You Without A Duplicate

(1) Your unique thumbprint could be used as a basis that you were created for a unique purpose on earth. This wouldn’t make one life-purpose second-class to the other. Fundamental difference in your fingerprint also implies that you are differently wired and packaged for a solution no other person can offer as you can.

(2) If you had a human duplicate, you could relax and think that the other fellow will fit into your role in the world. Because you have no replacement in thumbprint it means that you can’t look elsewhere, but must be actively engaged in making the world a better place for all of us.

(3) Except you produce your distinctive thumbprint, the whole world would forever miss it. So also it is with your creative talents. The stamp of your natural abilities will be an irreplaceable loss to the world if they are not expressed in business, career, profession, or any other area of your life.  

If environmentalists are so concerned about loss of species among animals and plants, how much more should we be bothered about loss of distinctiveness in thumbprints? A thumb that is not printed in the world is a solution that is eternally missed by all human beings on earth.

Do you see why you’ve got to appreciate your uniqueness, lift up your head, and believe in the value you can add in the marketplace, in the world of investment, leadership, politics, research, law, healthcare, sports and entertainment, communication, manufacture, and so on?

Do you see why you are not the undesirable man or woman of your family? Do you see why you’re not irrelevant in your church, your locality, and your nation? Indeed, your thumbprint has given you a unique place in life. So cheer up and get working on a solution!

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