Something interesting happened in our Whatsapp Group, Wealth Inspiration Network (W.I.N), last week. I sent out a message to our group members which hightlighted that all wealth starts with developing a Wealth Mentality. That generated in a healthy discussion among group members. One of my very jovial friends commented thus: “Pastor if you have small money to share to us as a way of inspiring wealth, please bring it. Don't bog us with theories and imaginative teachings. Gbamm.” This was how one of the group members reacted to my friend’s comment: “Pls if you need money go to Commercial banks don't distract us.” My friend’s jovial remarks immediately gave me the topic of this post.

In the contemporary times, wealth is not necessarily based on the ability to acquire strings of degrees, get a paid employment, and work hard to save money. Many graduates who think like that, no matter what high grades they got in school, are still working the streets jobless, sometimes for years. The times have so changed and the dynamics are working so fast that in this information age the analogue mentality can’t produce digital results. Today, WEALTH just an idea.

So a sharing of money-making or wealth-building ideas is actually sharing money. It is even the best way of sharing money that will last. This is so because wealth creation is an inside job: making money has essentially become an activity of the mind. So when we share with our friends information and ideas that will empower them to form thought habits of wealth that will generate creative and innovative attitudes in them, we are actually sharing money that will last. Great businesses are built on good ideas and good ideas attract great flow of money.

It would interest you to know that Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, doesn’t create content; Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, has no vehicles of its own; and Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. The world is ruled by ideas, not volumes of cash.

The more ideas we have the more opportunities we see. The great majority of mankind is poor not because there are not enough resources on earth, but because many persons don’t think robustly enough to mine their mind. So, the capacity and ability to accumulate wealth starts with a mindset full of ideas of how to make money.



  1. This is wealthy generating treatise. God bless you Pastor