Recently, I was thinking about some interesting, unfolding, emerging technologies in the globe, and that took me into some meditation on what life would have been if there was no God in the world. I thought about the beauty of science, the fast-paced progress of technology, the impact of the technological and digital revolutions on man, I couldn’t but rejoice.

I thought about the ever-improving quality of life and increasing standard of our living here on earth. Not just the Internet but also the Internet of Things (IoT) and several other technologies have really made our lives worth living.

Have you ever pondered about some of the best brains that existed and still exist today? William Oughtred and Charles Babbage (linked with the origins of the computer), Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates (of Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook), Jeff Bezos (of Amazon), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (of Google), Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim (of YouTube), Alexander Graham Bell (who invented the telephone), Martin Cooper (the GM of Motorola – inventor of the first handheld, cellular phone)?

Have you also contemplated on John McCarthy and other founding fathers of artificial intelligence, and George Devol, the inventor of the first digitally operated and programmable robot? What if there was no God to inspire these men? What do you think would have been your state and mine today?

Can you imagine the comfort, convenience, and speed of using the car, travelling by air, using the smart phone to make a call or make a payment? Can you compare the gramophone to the MP3 player in terms of quality of music you enjoy? Or my God, the world is getting better every day, people and businesses are constantly coming up with innovations to keep bettering the lives and experiences of man. All these happen because there is a God to inspire, influence, guide, and marvelously help you and me.

Should we talk about the advances in medicine such as the vaccines, surgical anesthetic antisepsis, anbiotics and antivirals, radiologic imaging, improved sanitation, provision of clean water, and even organ transplant? There is indeed a serious reduction of many sicknesses and even eradication of some diseases, all because there is a God who gives people wisdom to make discoveries and invent things. All these have helped man to live healthier and longer.

Now, what of the working of your brain itself, the most complex organ in your body that produces all your thoughts, actions, memories, feelings and experiences of the world? Imagine a small organ that contains over 100 billion cells doing marvels because there is a God who created it and gave it a function. If there was no God, every brain would malfunction or fail daily!

Food is a very important aspect of life. Despite the growing world population, standing at over 7.6 billion as at today, technology is assisting man a great deal to increase food production. Today, we have produced more food than ever before, and digital technology such as Internet of Things is being applied to agriculture to not only sustain the growth but also accelerate it to be able to feed the ever-increasing population. IoT is a network of billions of physical devices (e.g. home appliances, vehicles, etc) around the world connected to the Internet, collecting and sharing data.

Even the breadth, the very essence of life, is manufactured, produced, created, and originated, by only God. God’s breath into man is what makes him a living spirit. “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being” (Genesis 2:7). This one is the mother of all wonders, far beyond all the emerging technologies.

In my recently-published eBook, The Mind: Your Power To Take Big Places I’ve taken time to dwell on the empires of the man: spirit and intuition, soul and mind, and physical body and brain. If there was no God, there would be no breadth, and there would be no man.

All these are things we shouldn’t take for granted. It there was no God, there would have been much more inconvenience, discomfort, trouble, and evil than good in the world. How would the world and life even have started?  Because there is God, there are far more beauties, pleasures, joy-giving scenes, life-easy-making apps, and good than evil in the world. If you look at it closely, there is a very strong relationship and affinity between God and good. This is something we should celebrate!

Because there is God, the world is a good place getting better, and life is a good adventure growing sweeter every day. Let’s be joyful and appreciative that there is God in this world.

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