The greatest secret of the rich people in the world is leverage. When any average or upcoming person is able to work smart and leverage the hard work of other average people or even the rich, he’ll also get wealthy.

But I must add that hard work and smart work are not mutually exclusive. The point I’m making is that the great majority in the world just work hard. A good percentage don’t know how to work smart, but the few persons who know how to work smart, who know how to leverage, are able to always take advantage of people who are just hard working. In itself, smartness alone can’t make people wealthy and great. Therefore, the bottom line is that the future will always belong to those who strike a balance between knowing how to work hard and how to work smart.

In our post last week, we gave two ways you can use to reap from where you’ve not sown, namely, (i) leveraging the hard work of others particularly in your field of endeavour, and (ii) going for residual income at all cost. In this post we share these additional strategies.

(3) Read up most or all of the materials, books, interviews, etc, of your role models. A role model is somebody you can copy because he has accomplished many times what you’re trying to accomplish once. He has invested many years to develop himself, worked hard to build up a successful career or business, and has made a name all over the place.

Many of such people have written books, granted interviews to newspapers or magazines, or delivered speeches at important meetings, summits, conferences, etc. Materials about them are also on the Net. Do well to read most of their books and all other materials written or published about them. The secrets of successful people, men and women, are in their stories.

A few days or weeks of reading their books or materials will put at your disposal the knowledge, skills, experiences and strategies they took years to gain or develop. That way, you cheaply harvest their long years of labour which you can take to your financial or career advantage.

Personally, I have leveraged the hard work of the rich and the great by reading and studying their materials. Through the works of Robert Kiyosaki, I have known how to build up assets, not liabilities. Assets generate cash flow. Through Dr. David Oyedepo, I have known how to engage the force of faith in whatever I do. I have also seriously leveraged the labour of John Maxwell on leadership. I can go on and on.

(4) Seek alliances or partnership for collaborative advantage. The power of leverage compounds (that is, extremely intensifies) your financial harvests of other people’s hard work. Rosabeth Moss Kanter argues that “in the global economy, a well-developed ability to create and sustain fruitful collaborations gives companies a significant competitive leg up.” Partners bring different skills that complement each other to bear on the business and collaborate in creating new higher value and producing greater profits with lesser efforts and at far lesser costs.

(5) Seek mentorship from experts, professionals, and others who have made a name. It is important here to differentiate between a role model and a mentor. In mentoring there is a relationship in which the mentee understudies or learns from the mentor. But a role model is a successful person who other individuals aspire to be like; there isn’t necessarily a mutually beneficial relationship.

By working closely with our mentors, we successfully leverage their hard work and labour. We fast track our success by employing the wealth of their experiences and massive ideas with our minimum efforts. We accomplish in a far lesser time what took them many years to accomplish.

Given the average life span, no person would have all the time needed to accomplish the huge success he desires, all by himself. Leveraging the hard work of others enables man to accomplish far more in lesser time and with lesser effort.