Wealth is neither the exclusive right of the Business Owners (who own business systems), nor Investors (who own investments), but it is also the entitlement of average people, paid employees on modest salaries, who are willing and determined to take actions that people don’t take normally.

As a matter of fact, the dream of an average worker, even those who are in paid employment, is to get rich or in very specific terms, to be at least a millionaire. And the good news is that it is possible for employees to turn their earned income or salaries into substantial wealth.

Thomas C. Corley studied 233 wealthy individuals for about five years. In that research, the Rich Habits Study, he discovered that 177 of them became rich through earned income. In an article he contributed in July 2017 he wrote that, “…39 percent of the self-made millionaires in my study became rich working for someone else.” So it is not only entrepreneurs or even people who are doing homebased businesses that can be millionaires, if you’re working for someone else, be it government, parastatal, or a corporate organization, you can grow rich if you do the following things.

(1) You must ensure that your expenditure is less than your income every month. Jim Rohn writes that,The philosophy of the rich versus the poor is this: the rich invest their money and spend what is left; the poor spend their money and invest what is left.” It takes a high sense of self-discipline and good planning to succeed in putting your expenditure under your income consistently. It could mean not buying new clothes and new shoes every month or making some other necessary sacrifices.


(2) Wherever you work, take on additional responsibility and work longer hours than others. Any day, any time, anywhere, employers highly treasure and prefer workers that are willing and determined to go the extra mile. Doing more than what you are paid for always goes with surprising opportunities such as faster promotions, allowances, new assignments, privileges, etc.

(3) Start immediately to invest at least 10 percent of your income on a regular basis. Investing is one of the most effective paths to building wealth. You may need a good and result-oriented financial advisor here because investing is a little technical area so that you don’t get your fingers burnt. The multiplier effect of compound interests multiplies the little amounts invested every month into reasonable wealth over time.

(4) If must get rich working for others, you must read good books at least 30 minutes a day. This is a million dollar advice. Books on personal development and inspiration, wealth education, goal-setting, time management, etc) will be very useful and helpful. Millionaires would tell you that education after school greatly facilitated their access to wealth. 

(5) Be very creative and imaginative. The truth we must tell ourselves is that terrific technological advancements and the Internet have made our IDEAS (product of our imagination) a far better, more competitive, and more saleable commodity than just our physical labour. OLD THINKING WON’T SEE NEW DOORS; OLD WAYS WON’T OPEN THEM. NEW IDEAS ARE WHAT OPEN NEW DOORS OF WEALTH.

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