John Mason made this loaded statement, “The most unprofitable item ever manufactured is an excuse.” If it’s unprofitable, it means that excuses have a financial implication. The cost of producing each excuse is so high that nobody wants to buy it at a price we can make profit. Excuses are always sold at a huge loss. Unfortunately, most people make excuses.

On the other hand, Adrienne Dorison, a success strategist, writes that the one thing successful people don’t make is excuses because they have defined priorities, accept responsibility, are long-sighted, and so on. Rather than manufacture excuses, successful people produce solutions by taking decisive action on opportunities.

An excuse is a reason which we give in order to explain why we have done something wrong, or have not done what we were supposed to do, or in order to avoid doing something we ought to do. In excuses, we tend to blame others for our situation and avoid taking responsibility. Dr. Claudia Aguirre says that excuses stem from a deeper, unconscious desire to protect ourselves (our ego) from anxiety and shame. Indeed, excuses spring from a deep-seated false sense of self-defense.

Generally, many shortfalls in life such as marital problems, lack of education, business failure, poverty, career stagnation, health problem (such as obesity), etc., result from excuses.

Apart from the above, excuses have other terrible consequences: they reduce self-motivation, trigger lack of self-confidence, reduce the force of perseverance, limit our vision, create fear of failure, promote lack of belief in our abilities, and prevent positive change of attitude. In short, excuses are an expression of weaknesses. All these make excuses too expensive to manufacture. And if you keep making excuses, you’ll not change from who you are and where you are.

Do you give excuses? As a marketer or salesperson, do you give excuses for not selling products or services? As an entrepreneur, do you offer explanations why you can’t improve or expand your business? As a government, do you give excuses why you can’t provide enabling environment for investors? As an individual, do you make excuses why you can’t use your present income to build assets that generate cash flow or why you can’t build up passive income? If you do, all those excuses carry serious dollar implications.

If you think that being a female is why you can’t excel in your job or business, it’s an excuse. If you believe that your age (being too young or too old) is why you can’t fulfil your potential in life, it’s an excuse. If you have the mind-set that because you have lived on the wrong side of life for many years and because of that you can’t change, it’s an excuse. If you believe that you’ll never have enough time to accomplish your goals, it’s an excuse. Whatever it is, excuse is excuse. You know what? Both in corporate and personal lives, excuses always rob us of the opportunities to make more money or

Lori Newman observes that “Excuses keep you where you are, solutions move you to where you want to be.” Willis Whitney also says that, “Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to do when all they really need is one reason why they can.” The truth is, no one grows rich giving excuses.

How Every Excuse Affects Your Dollar Value

Since no company grows bigger and richer by manufacturing excuses, since no nation grows richer by giving excuses, and since no individual grows rich by making excuses, it means that an average excuse takes more and more dollars from our pockets instead of putting more and more dollars into our pockets.

Given that the real value of the dollar would depend on the amount of goods and services a dollar can purchase, it means that with more dollars we can afford more needs and improve our standard of living, but with less or no dollars at all, we wouldn’t be able to afford them and that would lower our standard of living.

And since each excuse culminates in lack of money and deprivation of dollars, then it means that if there is anything one important thing you must not accept from yourself, it is excuses. Every excuse robs you of motivation, responsibility, energy, potential, productivity, and above all, dollars and higher standard of living. This is how excuse adversely affects your dollar value and living standards.